Our Team

Mercy Mobile Clinic has a team of professional, dedicated and  experienced personnel. Please allow them to introduce themselves below.  

Eileen Ramsaran RN., MD., Ph.D

Chief Medical Officer

Specialties: Internal Medicine,

    Public Health.


"Physician of the Year" (2006) By Miami- Dade County Dept of Health.

"The President's Call to Service Award " (2014) By United States President, Barack Obama.

Medical University Teaching Appointments:

Nova Southeastern University

St Georges University School of Medicine

University of Sciences, Arts and Technology.



Alen Gordon  M.D.

Specialty: Orthopedics






Behnam Myers D.O.

Specialty: Orthopedics; Spine Surgery






Marie-France Adam  M.D.

Specialty:  General Practitioner, Surgery






Nabil Matar  M.D.

Specialty:  Obstetrics, Gynecology





Gloria Mayne  M.D.

Specialty:  Anesthesia; Pain Management




Lydia Tella R PH                                                    Michael M. Bahrami MD

                                                                           Specialties: Internal Medicine & Cardiology



Johnson Odibi  MS    RN                                       Samuel Rendon  M.S.


Joceline Angelot  M.A.                                         Kay Akam  B.S.




Mercy Mobile Personnel at Miami-Dade County Health Department Awards: 

From left to right:  Dr. Sean Kenniff, Mr. Arole Francois, Dr. Monica Greuner, Mr. Allan Ramsaran, Mrs. Ruth Mayne, Dr. Jerry Charles, Dr. Gloria Mayne, Dr. Eileen Ramsaran, Dr. Lillian Rivera